Quarterly Board meetings are as follows*:

First Monday in November

First Monday in February

    First Monday in May

    Last Monday in August

    *At the Chair's discretion, a Non-Board member may  request to add an item to a Board meeting agenda. Meetings may be rescheduled to ensure quorum is met.


    Board membership includes parents of current or former Gateway students, former school administrators, and community members whose professional qualifications contribute to Board operations. New members are sought to fill vacancies on the Board with consideration given to ensuring representation of relevant professional skillsets related to business, communications, leadership, and management.  

    New members are solicited to apply for vacant positions by invitation. Interested parties may also contact the Board to request an application. Applications are reviewed, and candidates are accepted if approved per majority vote, by current members of the Board. 

    Gateway administration has oversight from a Board of Directors, organized under corporate bylaws that describe and guide its operations. Board responsibilities include hiring and evaluating the Head of School, approving annual budgets, and strategic planning of administrative and financial goals. The Board of Directors meets quarterly with the Head of School to review finances and progress toward school goals. 

    Board members serve 3-year, renewable terms. Board officers are elected annually and include Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

    New member nominations are reviewed annually to fill vacant positions. 




    Gateway Montessori House, Inc. incorporated in 1970 by a Board of Directors, and is tax-exempt as a nonprofit public charity per IRS Code 501(c)(3) with an annual operating budget of about $1 million.


    Gateway enrolls up to 85 children representing about 70 families in our Montessori Infant, Toddler, and Primary Programs. Gateway also offers Aftercare, Holiday Care, and Summer Camp Programs.


    All Programs are designed around Montessori philosophy, materials, and instruction from Montessori-certified lead teachers, and include Music and Spanish immersion lessons during the school year.


    Gateway’s Parent Guild includes all enrolled families. Parent Guild volunteers partner with the Head of School to promote the school’s interests through fundraising and year-round community events.


    The Board of Directors is tasked with oversight of key decisions to shape Gateway’s future that include finance, leadership, and policies that promote our strong community-centered Montessori culture.

    Gateway Montessori School