School Routines

Changes in routine (starting school, welcoming a new sibling, etc.) may take time. To help your child adjust in school, please consider:

 * Peaceful drop-off can be facilitated by relaxed but firm goodbye

 * If drop-off/separation is challenging, our staff are ready to help

 * Children may regress in some behaviors in a new environment
 * Our staff are trained to help children adapt to their surroundings

 * Help your child dress in comfortable clothes to work and play in

 * Extra changes of clothes are needed in case of spills or messes

 * Children's clothing and shoes are ideally designed for self-dress

 * Pack your child's lunch with variety of healthy and favorite foods
 * Talk to your child about food prep at school and favorite snacks

 * Show your child your active interest in their school experiences

 * Questions/concerns? Contact the Directress or Head of School

Gentle Reminder: Seasonal Weather & Clothing

As the seasons change, please ensure your child has a jacket or coat for colder days, weather gear (boots, pants, hat), and weather-appropriate changes of clothing (pants/shorts, shirt, socks, shoes, underwear) in his or her cubby. Spills or accidents that necessitate clothing changes are bound to happen, and children have outdoor play time every day (weather permitting). During warmer months, please apply sunscreen to your child in the morning before school arrival, and send extra sunscreen to school; staff will reapply again during the day as needed for outdoor play. You may also send a refillable water bottle to school for outdoor play time. Please label all items you send to school with your child's name.

Gentle Reminder: School Illness Policy
Communicable illnesses are common in the preschool setting, but can be curbed with school and parent cooperation. Please keep sick children home where they can rest and recover. If your child shows any concerning illness symptoms at school, you will be notified to pick him or her up and may return to school when symptom-free for 24 hours (per our policy). You should report all absences, including due to illness, to the school office. Please inform the school office if your child is diagnosed with a communicable illness, which we may be required to report to Health Departments and/or advise our school community to help prevent the spread of illnesses. Thank you for helping to keep our community healthy.

Montessori Resources for Home

Understanding the Human Being, by S. Montanaro
Montessori: A Modern Approach, by P. Lillard
Montessori from the Start, by L. Jessen & P. Lillard
The Absorbent Mind, by M. Montessori
The Secret of Childhood, by M. Montessori
Education and Peace, by M. Montessori

Montessori materials for home: For Small Hands

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