Gateway Montessori School


Application Process

Please contact Gateway Montessori School to receive more information about our programs, availability, and tuition.

A school tour is the first step for interested parents, to see the school and discuss its programs, staff, and Montessori philosophy. Gateway will announce Open House hours to interested families, during which you are encouraged to bring your child to explore the Montessori classrooms and work.

To be placed on the waitlist, an application and one-time nonrefundable application fee is required. Please contact the school office to receive an application; applications for enrollment are accepted year-round.

In the spring, waitlisted families will be contacted to discuss availability and placement of your child for the next academic year. Feel free to contact the school office to inquire about your waitlist status and current availability.

Admission and Enrollment Process

At the end of each school year, the Head of School will assess the number of open positions in our classrooms and contact waitlisted families to offer available positions. 

To accept a position, you will be requested to complete a signed enrollment contract and provide a nonrefundable deposit. Required school forms and health records will be requested prior to the start of the new school year.

Incoming families are also offered available positions in our summer camp program; please inquire with the school office if you are interested in attending summer camp prior to the start of the new school year at Gateway.

If you are interested in speaking with past or current Gateway families to learn more about the school and its community, please reach out to the school office for references.